It Works! Greens Facial


It Works Greens Facial!!

Yes, Please.

Do you want that dewy glow? Ready to get rid of that Acne? Want more beautiful, healthy, gorgeous skin? Then, get ready to combine 2 awesome It Works! Products for a fabulous facial.






 This is a super easy way to do an amazing facial at home. Other than our Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps, our It Works! Greens are my all-time favorite product. They give you a great way to fit in your daily serving of veggies in just 2 small scoops in juice or water. They are so good, my daughters Charlie (4 y/o) and Eleigh (2 y/o) even drink them! And, our defining gel, woo hoo! I use it everyday on my bottom and my thighs. See ya later cellulite. When I discovered this facial, you can imagine my excitement. I hear stories all the time about how this facial helps with acne, makes skin appear younger, and gives that healthy glow. This is a facial that anyone can enjoy!

And Ladies, this is so easy! All you do is combine 2 scoops of Greens with some Defining Gel in a small bowl. Mix it together and add a little more Greens powder or Defining Gel until you have a nice mixture and just enough to cover your face. Then, apply. Wait about 30 minutes. Remove with a wet warm cloth. And hello, Gorgeous!!!

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